Download TaskAngel

You can download the latest version of TaskAngel here, for a 30-day trial, or to update your existing version. For see what's new in the latest version, see our TaskAngel web site.

Small improvements are made to the current version from time to time, in response to feedback from customers. When we do this, we leave the version number the same, but we increase the build number.

Changes are recorded in 'Change History' at the bottom of this page.

System Requirements

TaskAngel runs happily on these versions of Windows:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003

Download TaskAngel 2.1 Build 1920

Please choose a setup file, depending on your version of Windows.

Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista

Windows Server 2008
Install Install
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Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Install Install
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Use Install if you want to install TaskAngel for the first time. Use Update if you want to update an existing installation of TaskAngel.

Windows 8

We now have a new version of TaskAngel, completely redesigned to go with Windows 8 and 8.1. You can get all the details at our new web site.

The desktop version of TaskAngel runs perfectly on Windows 8 and 8.1 too, but you have to change a setting in Windows Control Panel first. Go to Start / Desktop. Open the Charms and choose Settings / Control Panel. Choose Programs / Turn Windows features on or off. Check the checkbox next to '.Net Framework 3.5 (includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0)'. Then click on OK, and you're done.

Installation Notes

Download the setup file by clicking on the download button above.

If you already have a registered version of TaskAngel, this download can be used to update it, without disturbing the registration.

To check if you have the most up-to-date version of TaskAngel, please use Help->Check for Updates from within TaskAngel, or compare the above Build number with the value given in Help->About.

Change History

Date Build Changes
1/28/2015 1920 Fixed a problem with notes sync. And the screen layout has been improved a little.
6/23/2014   New Windows Phone 8 version released in the Windows Phone Store.
4/11/2013   New Windows 8 version released in the Windows Store.
12/8/2011 771 Added option to use a secure connection when you have a Toodledo Pro account
Regenerated tasks now carry forward due time, if set
Esc key now works correctly with date picker
Fixed problem remembering order of columns
Filter Panel now uses correct font settings when in Note View
Fixed Invalid Key error when using Renew Sync
11/14/2011 749 Fix for custom filters with start dates
11/13/2011 748 You can now filter on Start Date
10/2/2011 688 TaskAngel now remembers if the main window was maximized or minimized last time you exited. Also fixed some more crashes which have been reported automatically.
9/7/2011 673 Further improvements to Task Properties dialog.
8/26/2011 669 Fixed 'New Subtask' problem in previous build
Fixed crash in Search
8/25/2011 668 Added Multi-level Sort feature.
Fixed Instant Sync occurring too frequently.
Fixed manual ordering of subtasks being disturbed by sync.
Fixed scroll position of task list being changed when new tasks are added, and the same for notes.
Fixed tab order in Note Properties dialog.
Fixed choice of font of Note List.
Fixed several crashes which have been reported automatically.
8/8/20111 651 TaskAngel 2.1 - see what's new.
This release supports Goals, Archives, Multiple Edits and Instant Sync.
You can organize your goals into a Goal List or into a Goal Tree.
When using the Goal Tree, tasks assigned to contributing goals are included in the goal filter.
You can drag and drop goals to reorganize the tree structure.
You can see a progress report for each goal.
You can archive Projects, Folders and Goals, so that they and their tasks or notes become hidden.
Multiple Edits lets you change the properties of several tasks or notes at the same time.
Instant Sync automatically syncs with Toodledo one minute after you make any change
You can use Weekdays as an option for repeating tasks.
The Task Properties dialog has been redesigned to make it easier to use.
You can resize the Task Properties and Note Properties dialogs.
Fixed a problem with using the / character in passwords
6/12/2011 594 Added 1 minute reminder option
Fixed sync of reminders with Toodledo
5/18/2011 568 Fixed problem syncing folders in Notes
Improved icons in Filter Panel and Toolbar
5/14/2011 563 Fixed problem with ^ character in tags
Reduced size of proporties dialog, to fit on smaller screens
Improved handling of sync errors
General bug fixes
5/8/2011 558 TaskAngel 2.0 - see what's new.
You can keep a Note List, organized in the same folders or projects as your tasks. These are synchronized to your Toodledo Notebooks.
The Note Panel can be displayed to right of your task list (or note list) rather than below.
When searching, you can include the notes attached to your tasks, as well as the subjects of the tasks themselves.
When you hit an error in TaskAngel, you can send details directly to our support server.
When creating a new task, or editing a task, you can clear all the fields in the property window, or reset them to the way they were before you started editing.
2/17/2011 471 Maintains compatibility with a forthcoming improvement in security checking by Toodledo during sync
Improved performance of TaskAngel when displaying large numbers of tasks
Fixed sync error when some non-repeating tasks were treated by Toodledo as repeating
1/26/2011 455 Fixed time zone problem with Added Date
Fixed sync error with more than 1000 tasks
Fixed error 417 during sync
1/7/2011 436 Fixed time zone problem with Modified Time
Fixed times being set to 12:00 during sync
Improved error detection and reliability of sync with Toodledo
12/22/2010 422 TaskAngel 1.7 - see what's new.
Sync with Toodledo has been rewritten and is now much faster
Fixed problem with repeating subtasks
When clicking on a task to complete it, it disappears immediately unless ShowComplete is set
Fixed sort order of MyFilters
11/25/2010 391 Fixed Autosync option not being restored from settings
11/10/2010 379 Fixed problem with syncing renamed projects
Search results are correctly ordered
Show Completed and Show Negative options apply to subtasks filtered with parents
Fixed errors caused by Toodledo's updated rules on sync traffic rates
10/23/2010 357 Speed improvements when filtering
Installer detects if TaskAngel is already running
Fixed problem when syncing completed tasks
Improved handling of lists in task notes
10/14/2010 352 General bug fixes
10/10/2010 349 Fix for error when editing custom filters, and for an error syncing subtasks completed in Toodledo
10/07/2010 345 Fix for sync error
10/04/2010 341  TaskAngel 1.6
You can use bold and italic text in your task notes
You can use links to web sites and email addresses in your task notes
You can create customized filters, using multiple task properties
You can duplicate tasks
The task list scrolls automatically when you are dragging and dropping tasks
You can filter subtasks with their parents, so that all of the subtasks in a task group are visible when their parent is visible
The tag picker is easier to use
The look of some of the icons has been tidied up
You can use the & character in folder and context names
You can set a task to complete or incomplete by changing its completed date
Large fonts are displayed correctly, without clipping
08/20/2010 298 Fixed problem with 'No Folder' filter
08/09/2010 285 In Task Properties window, you can enter times and tags using the keyboard instead of the drop-downs
Time entered as 900 is interpreted as 9:00, for example
Further improvements to sync error handling
Quick setup file provided for Windows 7 and Vista, and for updates on all platforms
Performance improvements to reduce memory use
07/02/2010 249 Fixed bug causing other windows and icons to flicker
Fixed opening splash screen stuck on
Fixed filter not being remembered between sessions
06/23/2010 239 TaskAngel now works with Japanese and other non Western European character sets
Fixed error with 'status' field in Task Properties window.
06/18/2010 235 In Task Properties window, fixed faulty 'completed date' field
06/14/2010 231 TaskAngel 1.5
You can operate TaskAngel without a mouse
You can use Hot Keys to open TaskAngel and to create a new task
You can customize which key combinations are used for Hot Keys
Improved keyboard shortcuts, see guide
Improved layout for Task Properties window
Changes to Completed Date are synced back to Toodledo
Removed blank column on right of printed task list
Fixed error when you cancel printing to a PDF writer
Overdue filter no longer includes completed tasks
06/04/2010 221 TaskAngel 1.4
You can change the name and location of the task file.
You can change the completed date of a task.
You can use the term 'Folder' instead of 'Project'.
There is no longer a restriction on the size of a note.
You can download a printable user guide in PDF format
When Sync hits an error, it gives more helpful error message and tries to continue.
Fixed 'Invalid Parent' error during sync.
05/25/2010 211 Added option to show negative priority tasks
Fixed another problem with sync following Windows sleep
05/23/2010 209 Improved handling of multiple task selections
Fixed an error affecting Toodledo sync after a long sleep
05/20/2010 206 Fixed a problem preventing the task file being read correctly
05/18/2010 204 Correctly handles special characters in task subject
Syncs reminders with Toodledo
Fixed AutoSync failure after Windows Sleep
05/17/2010 202 Fixed error on start-up preventing TaskAngel running for some customers
Setting a due time to None now syncs back to Toodledo correctly
Fixed problem with Filter Panel and Note Panel sizes changing
05/14/2010 200 TaskAngel 1.3. This introduced Reminders and Tags. See what's new.
04/10/2010 165 Fixed problem triggering 'lost contact' messages
Improved handling of Toodledo limits on note size
Fixed problem with special characters in notes, passwords etc disrupting sync with Toodledo
03/20/2010 144 Fixed problem with a new subtask hiding other subtasks
03/14/2010 139 Preserves manual order of subtasks during sync
Remembers ShowComplete setting between sessions
Fixed problem with AutoSync when computer is coming out of sleep
03/07/2010 132 Added proxy settings for use with company firewalls
Improved task selection on the Task List
Fixed error when renaming projects and contexts
Repeating subtasks now appear in the correct sort order after repeating
When adding a subtask, its default repeat setting is now the same as the currently selected subtask, if any
You can now change the repeat type of a task by clicking on its repeat icon
02/28/2010 125 TaskAngel 1.2. This introduced Drag and Drop, and Subtasks.
02/05/2010 102 Fixed occasional error when saving window size
02/01/2010 98 Improved error checking while syncing with Toodledo
Added 'Get Proxy Info' command to help with diagnosing connection problems
01/28/2010 94 In the Task List, if a task has no project or no context, they are now shown as None rather than blank.
If you change the screen font, Note Panel now uses it too
Fixed error when selecting Next Action from Status drop-down
Fixed error when trying to Print Selected when nothing has been selected.
Fixed occasional unhandled error when clicking on an icon in the Task List
01/26/2010 92 TaskAngel version 1.1. This has several improvements to the look and feel, and also some engineering improvements under the hood.
12/10/2009 45 As advanced repeats are not supported, any task from Toodledo set to 'advanced repeat' will be reset to 'no repeat', to avoid unpredictable results
12/8/2009 43 Fixed error in renaming contexts and projects
Fixed occasional error when editing a task in place
Removed throttle on throughput to Toodledo, now we can go full speed
Note-pop-ups are now modal
Installation now always reboots if .Net Framework has been installed
Documentation now contains more about syncing with phones and PDA's
When a project is deleted, user can choose to delete its tasks
11/22/2009 27 Negative priority tasks weren't being filtered from All Tasks.
Improved screen-shots in User Guide.
11/19/2009 24 First release